Tips For Boarding Your Dog

Your pet will need a safe and comfortable place to stay on occasions where you will be away from home. There has to be someone to care for them when you’re on vacation or off on business trips. Choosing a kennel for your pet can be quite difficult and there are many factors you should consider. You can ask friends, family and pet owners in your neighbourhood for recommendations. Make a list of pros and cons for every facility. Make sure that you visit all the places and choose one that is best for the temperament of your dog.
Once you’ve set your heart on one luxury dog kennel in Sydney, make sure that they are notified of when you arrive with your pet to drop them off. They should be notified of the pick-up date and time as well. They will have hours that they’re open so you will have to stick to a time within their time frame. If there is a certain complication or delay with the pick-up date, let the facility know immediately and arrange for additional food and other necessities to alleviate any problem that arises with the delay.
This will be a hard time for you and your dog. Make sure you pack your dog’s favourite toys, blanket and maybe even a t-shirt of yours. Luxury dog boarding kennels will usually have toys for the dogs to play with but having his/her own toys will give your pet a certain sense of security, familiarity and comfort. It will help them further acclimatise to the unfamiliar environment.
You should also bring their favourite food and treats. You can also arrange for the facility to provide them with the type of food your pet prefers. But if you’re leaving food with the kennel, make sure you pack enough for all the days you’re away. It’s fine if you pack a little extra as well. You can store each and every meal in a plastic baggie labelled breakfast, lunch and dinner. This will ensure that the right amount of food is given. And if any food is left, you can take it as a sign that your pet is not up to his/her usual appetite. Leave instructions for their feeding schedule with the kennel. The boarding kennel should be notified of any medications or supplements as well. Make sure to include the schedule, proper dosage and how you administer the medication. Notes for emergency medication should be left.
Try not to make your departure dramatic. Keep it low key as possible so that it will be less stressful for your pet. Keep things cheerful and calm. You can even do a test run before the actual stay to check how your pet will do in the foreign environment. Leave your contact information with the facility and all pertinent information including documentation. There should be medical records, vaccination charts and a contact number of your vet in case they need to clarify something.