Beds For Pets: Why You Need To Give Them Their Own Beds

If you are a pet lover you already know the importance of a separate bed for your pets. But most of us tend to give a part of our own beds to our pets. A pet bed will provide them with their own little space. To be honest, it is not that healthy for us and the pet itself. There are some reason why a separate bed is important to your dogs and cats. And also it is not just only a place for them to sleep but also a place for them to feel comfy and secure.
Healthy for you and your pet
Especially older dogs need their own space to sleep. There are special Orthopedic dog beds for dogs that suffer from arthritis, overweight and joint and bone sicknesses. Once dogs become old their bones become weak and their body exerts pressure on their skeleton. Then large dog beds that are supportive and wont place extra pressure on their bones will be ideal for them. Also don’t forget to cushion them with pillows and bed clothes. 

Reduces the risks of injuries
Many dogs go through injuries by trying to jump on and off from sofas and other furniture items where they could sleep. Once you train them to sleep in their own beds, ultimately they will stop jumping to your furniture. There are many instances that this jumping’s fail and they end up getting seriously injured. So, this will make you feel bad for them and also you will have to spend a lot on their treatments. So, before they get injured buy or make a bed for them and secure them from all injuries.
Protects your furniture
Another reason why you need to get a pet bed is to preserve your furniture. Dogs and cats tend to shed a lot of fur, scratch and lick the corners of furniture in your home especially on bed. This fur is not healthy for you to breathe in. also they have mud, dust and other insects in their body. So, it is not hygienically good for you to let them sleep on your bed and furniture. Also when guests come to your home, it is not nice at all to see fur covered sofas and dog prints all over the furniture. Once you buy them their own bed, they are free to shed fur and shabby it the way they want. But also remember to clean their beds often to keep them and your family healthy and germ free.